Commercial Lawn Care


    Commercial Lawn Care

    T&S provides complete commercial lawn care services including mowing, fertilization, weed control, irrigation, and drainage services for local Edmond businesses and organizations.

    Commercial Landscaping

    T&S is a reliable and professional commercial landscape partner for businesses, organizations, and other commercial properties in Edmond and around the northern Oklahoma City Metro.

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    Commercial Lawn + Landscape


    Beautiful lawns and landscapes are great for business! T&S Landscaping holds many years of experience and provides complete lawn care services in Edmond, Guthrie, Arcadia, Jones, The Village, Nichols Hills, and the northern OKC Metro area for local businesses, organizations, and neighborhoods. You will find information below about our quality commercial lawn maintenance and landscaping services, and we would love to to talk with you about the great potential of your commercial outdoor space.

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    Commercial Lawn Care

    T&S Landscaping is a professional partner for commercial lawn care services to keep your Edmond business’s outdoor spaces looking clean and inviting. We understand that a well-maintained lawn and landscape is essential for creating a solid first impression, so T&S offers comprehensive commercial lawn services including commercial mowing, commercial edging, commercial fertilizing, and commercial weed control. Our experienced team works efficiently to ensure your lawn is always in top condition, even during peak business hours. We adjust our commercial lawn and landscaping services to meet the specific needs of you as our commercial client, whether you have a smaller storefront or a larger corporate campus. With T&S Landscaping’s commercial lawn care, you can focus on running your business while we keep your outdoor space looking great to reflect the excellence of your business.

    Commercial Weed Control and Fertilization

    T&S Landscaping offers local commercial clients our expert weed control and fertilization services to maintain a healthy and strong business landscape. Unwanted and unattractive weeds can detract from the overall appearance and impression of your commercial lawn and landscape, so we use effective treatments that eliminate weeds without damaging your grass or plants. Our local Edmond fertilization programs for commercial properties are customized to meet the specific needs of your business, allowing for lush growth and vibrant color. Create a professional and inviting outdoor environment that reflects the professionalism of your business with T&S Landscaping’s commercial weed control and fertilization, ensuring your property always makes a positive impression on each and every employee, customer, and visitor.

    Commercial Irrigation and Drainage

    T&S Landscaping is your local Edmond commercial lawn care partner providing comprehensive services like commercial irrigation and commercial drainage services to keep your business property’s landscape well-managed regarding the amounts of water it receives. Too little watering or too much rainfall can surprisingly cause serious issues across your commercial lawn and landscaping if the proper irrigation and drainage systems are not in place to compensate and disperse water evenly throughout your commercial property. Commercial sprinkler systems help keep your lawns and gardens well-fed, while commercial drain systems effectively flow water away from buildings and walkways to prevent pooling flooding, and potential hazards to your property of guests. With the experience of T&S Landscaping in Edmond, we will professionally address the unique demands of commercial lawns and landscapes, solving problems with quality solutions that are reliable and low-maintenance.

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    Commercial Drainage Edmond T&S Landscaping
    T&S Landscaping Near Me Edmond OK

    Commercial Lawn Care Near Me


    Searching for the right commercial lawn care company near you who is always reliable and provides quality lawn maintenance services? T&S Landscaping is the local choice commercial lawn care contractor for Edmond, Guthrie, Arcadia, Jones, The Village, Nichols Hills, and the surrounding northern Oklahoma City metro area for business, organizations, neighborhoods, and more commercial spaces. We are always honored to be trusted for our complete commercial lawn care services throughout the Edmond area, and we value the relationships we have developed with so many wonderful people  throughout the years! Contact us today for the best Edmond commercial lawn care parter near you!

    Edmond Commercial Lawn Care

    T&S Landscaping offers high quality commercial lawn care services designed to keep your business property in Edmond looking beautiful and professional. Our comprehensive approach includes regular mowing, edging, and aeration to maintain a clean-cut commercial lawn and landscape. We offer our lawn care services to meet the unique needs of all commercial properties, whether it’s a simple retail space or a robust corporate campus. Our T&S crews understand that a well-manicured lawn is necessary for creating a positive impression on guests visiting your property, so we operate efficiently and with little disruption to your regular operations. T&S Landscaping’s commercial lawn care services will allow your business to consistently present a polished and welcoming exterior, reflecting your own organization’s commitment to your work. Contact T&S for commercial lawn care services today!

    Edmond Commercial Landscaping

    T&S Landscaping partners with local Edmond businesses, organizations, and neighborhoods for total commercial landscaping services to build and maintain visually appealing and functional outdoor environments to the enjoyed by employees and guests alike. Our commercial landscaping services encompass everything from commercial landscape design and installation to ongoing landscape maintenance, allowing your business property to remain attractive and inviting throughout the year. We know the importance of curb appeal for our commercial clients, so we work in tandem with you to create commercial landscapes that reflect your brand’s personality all while handling guest traffic and other practical concerns. Our skilled commercial landscaping company can install commercial gardens, commercial hardscapes, and commercial water features that bring luxury to your commercial property and enhance the experience for everyone. Contact T&S for commercial landscaping today!

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    With over 30 years of experience in the landscaping industry, owner Tony Altizer of T&S Landscaping serves Edmond and the surrounding area with exceptional and reliable landscaping, hardscaping, irrigation, drainage, and lawn services for residential and commercial clients. Our team and clients are like family to us, and our top priority is treating our clients and their properties respectfully, providing great value through our high standard for local landscaping design and installation services in Edmond and north Oklahoma City.


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