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    Edmond OK Drainage Solutions Contractor T&S Landscaping

    Residential Drainage

    T&S provides reliable and professional residential quality drainage solutions including drain installation, repair, and maintenance services for homeowners in Edmond and the surrounding area.

    Edmond OK Drainage Solutions Contractor T&S Landscaping

    Commercial Drainage

    T&S is a complete commercial drainage solutions partner for businesses, organizations, and other commercial properties in Edmond and around the northern Oklahoma City Metro.

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    Full-Service Drainage


    T&S Landscaping has years of experience providing professional residential drainage and commercial drainage services in Edmond, Guthrie, Arcadia, Jones, The Village, Nichols Hills, and the northern OKC Metro area. You will find information below about our quality drainage solutions and drain installation services, and we would love to to talk with you about solving your properties drainage issues correctly.

    Edmond OK Drainage Installation T&S Landscaping
    Residential Yard Drain Installation Edmond OK T&S Landscaping

    Drainage Installation

    T&S Landscaping offers professional drainage solutions in Edmond and north OKC through our quality drain installation services to protect your property from water damage and prevent disruptions to the integrity or beauty of your lawn and landscaping. Our drainage team is skilled in assessing drainage issues and designing solutions that effectively channel water away from problem areas. We utilize and install a variety of efficient drainage systems, including French drains, channel drains, and catch basins built for your property’s specific yard drainage needs. Our primary focus is to prevent pooling water, soil erosion, or other common issues caused by improper or inefficient drainage. With T&S Landscaping’s drainage installation services, you will enjoy a pleasant outdoor space that is safeguarded from the negative long-term effects of excess water.

    Drainage Repair

    Edmond local T&S Landscaping offers expert drainage repair services to resolve issues with your current yard drainage system that are leading to water damage and landscape problems. Our experienced drainage repair team can quickly diagnose the source of your drainage problems, whether it’s a clogged pipe, damaged drain covers, or even collapsed sections of your drainage system itself. We use high-quality materials from trusted manufacturers and professional procedures to repair and restore your drainage system back to its complete and efficient functionality. T&S Landscaping will make sure water is properly diverted away from your lawn and landscaping, reducing the potential for unwanted flooding and erosion. With T&S Landscaping’s drainage repair services, you will have peace of mind knowing that your outdoor space is protected from water-related hazards and damage.

    Drainage Maintenance

    T&S Landscaping serves the Edmond area with thorough, professional drainage maintenance services to ensure your property’s drainage system continues operating as it should. Our drainage maintenance crew conducts routine drain inspections to identify and be proactive in addressing potential issues, such as debris collection or pipe blockages, before those lead to larger concerns with your drain system. We clear out obstructions and adjust the system to keep your property drainage working smoothly, not allowing water to pool or cause any damages to your landscaping and lawn. Whether T&S Landscaping installed your current drainage system or not, we can easily help you avoid very costly repairs caused by excessive water around your property. T&S Landscaping’s drainage maintenance services allow you to enjoy a seamless drainage system operation that keeps your outdoor living spaces safe and welcoming.

    Edmond OK French Drain Installer T&S Landscaping
    Edmond OK Drainage Installation T&S Landscaping
    T&S Landscaping Near Me Edmond OK

    Drainage Installation Near Me


    Searching for the right professional drainage company near you who is always reliable and provides quality solutions to your drainage issues? T&S Landscaping is the local choice drainage installation contractor for Edmond, Guthrie, Arcadia, Jones, The Village, Nichols Hills, and the surrounding northern Oklahoma City metro area. We are always honored to be trusted for residential and commercial drainage projects throughout the Edmond area, and we value the relationships we have developed with so many wonderful people and businesses throughout the years! Contact us today for the best Edmond property drainage parter near you!

    Residential Drainage

    T&S Landscaping excels in residential drainage solutions that help homeowners manage excess amounts of water and prevent damage to their properties. Our experienced drainage installation company assesses your property’s unique drainage needs and designs tailored systems to correctly divert excess water away from your home and landscaping. We offer a range of drainage options, including surface drains, channel drains, and French drains to address the usual drainage issues like water pooling and erosion of your property’s soil. Our drain installations are efficient, reliable, and blend seamlessly with your current landscape features. With T&S Landscaping’s residential drainage services, you will be able to safeguard your home from the unwanted effects of improper drainage and enjoy a healthy, resilient outdoor living environment.

    Commercial Drainage

    T&S Landscaping partners with local OKC Metro businesses with our comprehensive commercial drainage services to help you manage water flow and protect your great properties. We specialize in laying out and installing drainage systems that are always tailored to the unique irrigation and drainage needs of the commercial space. Our commercial drainage experts assess your business property’s drainage challenges and gives effective solutions that will hold onto the integrity of your structures and outdoor living areas. We prioritize durability and functionality, using high-quality drainage system materials from proven manufacturers that will withstand regular use and any weather conditions. With T&S Landscaping’s commercial drainage services, you will minimize the risks associated with heavy rainfall, flooding, and erosion. T&S will make sure your commercial property will always be a safe and functional location for your employees and guests through professional drainage solutions.

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    Who We Are


    With over 30 years of experience in the landscaping industry, owner Tony Altizer of T&S Landscaping serves Edmond and the surrounding area with exceptional and reliable landscaping, hardscaping, irrigation, drainage, and lawn services for residential and commercial clients. Our team and clients are like family to us, and our top priority is treating our clients and their properties respectfully, providing great value through our high standard for local landscaping design and installation services in Edmond and north Oklahoma City.


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