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    Edmond Sprinkler Company T&S Landscaping

    Residential Irrigation

    T&S provides professional lawn and landscape irrigation installation, sprinkler system installation, sprinkler repair, and sprinkler system maintenance for homeowners in Edmond and the surrounding area.

    Edmond Sprinkler Company T&S Landscaping

    Commercial Irrigation

    T&S is a commercial irrigation partner and complete sprinkler system service for businesses, organizations, and other commercial properties in Edmond and around the northern Oklahoma City Metro.

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    Full-Service Irrigation


    T&S Landscaping has years of experience and provides complete irrigation and sprinkler system services in Edmond, Guthrie, Arcadia, Jones, The Village, Nichols Hills, and the northern OKC Metro area for both residential and commercial irrigation clients. You will find information below about our quality sprinkler system installations, sprinkler repair services, and sprinkler system maintenance work, and we would love to to talk with you about professional irrigation systems for your lawn and landscaping.

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    Sprinkler System Installation

    T&S Landscaping in Edmond has years of experience in lawn sprinkler system installation, providing reliable and long-term solutions to keep your lawn healthy and green. Our local irrigation installation team designs and installs customized sprinkler systems for your property, ensuring efficient water distribution, helping you maintain a healthy landscape while minimizing water waste. We use high-quality sprinkler system materials from proven manufacturers that include the latest irrigation technology, offering automated sprinkler systems that water your lawn and landscaping at optimal times for consistent growth. Our sprinkler system experts take care of everything from initial sprinkler system planning and trenching to final sprinkler installation, ensuring that your Edmond sprinkler system is perfectly configured and built to last. With T&S Landscaping’s friendly and experienced installation of sprinkler systems, you can rely on a worry-free sprinkler system that keeps your lawn vibrant and beautiful.

    Sprinkler Repair

    T&S Landscaping provides local Edmond and OKC residents with expert sprinkler system repair services to restore your irrigation system to operate flawlessly. Our knowledgeable sprinkler repair technicians are able to diagnose and repair a variety of sprinkler system issues, including broken sprinkler heads, clogged nozzles, faulty valves, or damaged sprinkler lines. Restoring your sprinkler system’s efficiency and performance is our top priority, and we are able to diagnose problems correctly and offer the appropriate solutions the first time saving you time and money. We realize that a malfunctioning sprinkler system can cause a lack of ample irrigatin or even overwatering, so we always respond promptly to address any irrigation system problems you are struggling with. With T&S Landscaping’s local sprinkler repair services, you can trust that your lawn and gardens will always receive the watering they need to flourish. T&S Landscaping’s sprinkler system service calls, inspections, and diagnostics start at $150. 

    Sprinkler System Maintenance

    T&S Landscaping in Edmond offers comprehensive sprinkler system maintenance services to keep your residential or commercial irrigation system running smoothly and efficiently. Our sprinkler maintenance plans include routine inspections to check for potential leaks, damaged sprinkler heads, or misaligned nozzles, prevent your system from future problems and allowing your sprinkler system to continue delivering water precisely where needed. T&S’s irrigation maintenance services also includes running tests on sprinkler system timers and controllers to ensure your irrigation system operates at optimal times, reducing water waste and allowing for the healthiest of lawns. Our sprinkler maintenance team can easily make adjustments and fine-tune your sprinkler system based on present and predicted weather patterns and seasonal changes, helping your system maintain a lush landscape and property year-round. With T&S Landscaping’s professional sprinkler system maintenance services in Edmond and the northern Oklahoma City Metro area, your sprinkler system is in expert hands.

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    T&S Landscaping Near Me Edmond OK

    Sprinkler Installation Near Me


    Searching for the right professional irrigation contractor near you who is always reliable and provides quality sprinkler system installation? T&S Landscaping is the local choice sprinkler system installation contractor for Edmond, Guthrie, Arcadia, Jones, The Village, Nichols Hills, and the surrounding northern Oklahoma City metro area. We are always honored to be trusted for residential and commercial irrigation projects throughout the Edmond area, and we value the relationships we have developed with so many wonderful people and businesses throughout the years! Contact us today for the best Edmond lawn irrigation and landscaping irrigation parter near you!

    Residential Irrigation

    T&S Landscaping services Edmond and north OKC with top-quality residential irrigation services to give your lawn and gardens the right amount of watering throughout the year. Our residential irrigation crew designs and installs custom irrigation systems tailored to your home property’s unique layout and watering needs, maximizing irrigation efficiency and property coverage. We always use the most updated irrigation technology to create residential sprinkler systems that are easy to use and maintain, providing you with the hassle-free ability to keep your property green and vibrant. In addition to residential sprinkler system installation, we offer ongoing residential sprinkler maintenance and residential sprinkler repair services to address any common sprinkle issues and allow for peak system condition. With T&S Landscaping’s residential irrigation services, you can achieve and maintain a healthy lawn without the stress and time requirement of manual watering.

    Commercial Irrigation

    T&S Landscaping provides full-service commercial irrigation services designed to keep local Edmond area business properties looking their very best. We specialize in designing and installing efficient commercial irrigation systems that offer even water distribution across your large commercial lawn and landscapes. Our commercial sprinkler installation team works alongside local business owners to understand their specific watering needs, creating custom commercial irrigation systems that balance healthy lawn and landscaping watering with water conservation. We offer commercial sprinkler maintenance and repair services as well to keep your irrigation system running like new and helping you avoid costly issues like dry spots or overwatering. T&S Landscaping’s commercial irrigation services will benefit your business with friendly support and through maintaining a healthy and happy outdoor environment that leaves a positive impression on all who visit you commercial property.

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    Who We Are


    With over 30 years of experience in the landscaping industry, owner Tony Altizer of T&S Landscaping serves Edmond and the surrounding area with exceptional and reliable landscaping, hardscaping, irrigation, drainage, and lawn services for residential and commercial clients. Our team and clients are like family to us, and our top priority is treating our clients and their properties respectfully, providing great value through our high standard for local landscaping design and installation services in Edmond and north Oklahoma City.


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