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    Residential Landscaping

    T&S provides reliable and professional quality landscape design, landscape installation, landscape maintenance services for homeowners in Edmond and the surrounding area.

    Commercial Landscaping

    T&S is a full-scale commercial landscape partner for businesses, organizations, and other commercial properties in Edmond and around the northern Oklahoma City Metro.

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    Full-Service Landscaping


    T&S Landscaping has years of experience and provides complete landscaping services in Edmond, Guthrie, Arcadia, Jones, The Village, Nichols Hills, and the northern OKC Metro area for both residential and commercial landscaping clients. You will find information below about our quality landscaping design and installation services, and we would love to to talk with you about the potential for your home or business landscaping.

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    Commercial Landscaping Services Edmond OK T&S Landscaping

    Landscape Design

    Whether you already have some ideas in mind or you are needing some guidance for your Edmond landscaping design, T&S Landscaping offers professional landscaping design services tailored to your own vision and needs. Our experts work closely with you to create a customized landscaping plan that enhances the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space. Whether you’re seeking a vibrant garden, a peaceful patio, or a modern outdoor area, our team has the experience to bring al of your landscaping ideas to fruition. Our landscape designs involve thinking through the layout, plant types, and existing area to ensure your landscaping stands out and lasts through al seasons. With T&S Landscaping, you can expect a seamless design process that will lead to stunning results, elevating your property’s beauty, sophistication, and value.

    Landscape Installation

    The T&S Landscaping team in Edmond provides offers high quality landscaping installation services to bring our collective landscaping ideas to life. Our experienced landscape installation team is equipped to handle al aspects of your Edmond landscaping installation – from laying sod and planting trees to more gentle work like mulching and planting flowers. We work efficiently and carefully, ensuring that every landscaping detail aligns with your overall design and vision for your property’s beautiful landscaping. Our commitment to professional landscaping means that we always use best quality materials and reliable techniques, providing you with native Edmond landscaping that will only flourish over time. With T&S Landscaping, you can trust that your landscaping installation project will be completed on time and will exceed your requirements!

    Landscape Maintenance

    T&S Landscaping provides landscaping maintenance services for anyone wanting to keep their landscaping gorgeous –  whether you chose to partner with T&S for your initial landscaping design and installation projects or not. We just want your landscaping to thrive and flourish, so allow us to get you scheduled for regular landscaping maintenance, ensuring your property’s landscaping remains properly manicured and maintained year-round. Tree and shrub pruning, new mulch installation, seasonal planting, and larger landscape renovation work are al part of our local landscaping maintenance services in Edmond and North OKC. With T&S Landscaping’s maintenance services, you can enjoy a beautiful and well-kept property without the stress and effort of maintaining it yourself.

    T&S Landscaping Contractor Edmond OK 73003
    T&S Landscaping Contractor Edmond OK 73003
    T&S Landscaping Near Me Edmond OK

    Landscaping Near Me


    Searching for the right professional landscaping company near you who is always reliable and provides quality landscaping installation? T&S Landscaping is the local choice contractor for Edmond, Guthrie, Arcadia, Jones, The Village, Nichols Hills, and the surrounding northern Oklahoma City metro area. We are always honored to be trusted for residential and commercial landscaping projects throughout the Edmond area, and we value the relationships we have developed with so many wonderful people and businesses throughout the years! Contact us today for the best Edmond landscaping parter near you!

    Residential Landscaping

    T&S Landscaping in Edmond, Oklahoma specializes in residential landscaping services with the purpose of improving the beauty and life of your home’s outdoor space. Our team will work closely with you as the homeowner to create custom landscaping design plan that will suit your space style, and vision. Whether it’s a simple outdoor garden makeover or a full landscape transformation, T&S is capable of handling your project professionally and timely. From planting flowers and bushes to installing elegant native plants and mulching, we take care of every aspect of your residential landscaping project. We also offer expert landscaping irrigation and landscaping drainage solutions keep your residential landscape flourishing all year long. With T&S Landscaping, you can enjoy a welcoming outdoor environment that adds value and charm to your home.

    Commercial Landscaping

    T&S Landscaping provides full-scale commercial landscaping services to make sure your business property looks professional and inviting. Our experienced landscaping team works with a wide range of commercial clients, offering everything from routine lawn maintenance to landscaping design and installation. We understand how important it is to deliver a positive impression on customers, so we focus on enhancing curb appeal through well-maintained lawns, attractive flowerbeds, and other landscaping features for your commercial outdoor space. As a complete commercial landscaping contractor, we also offer commercial irrigation and commercial drainage solutions to keep your property’s landscaping in top shape throughout the year. With T&S Landscaping’s commercial landscaping services, you can count on a reliable commercial landscape partner dedicated to helping your business stand out with a beautiful and functional lawn and landscape.

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    Who We Are


    With over 30 years of experience in the landscaping industry, owner Tony Altizer of T&S Landscaping serves Edmond and the surrounding area with exceptional and reliable landscaping, hardscaping, irrigation, drainage, and lawn services for residential and commercial clients. Our team and clients are like family to us, and our top priority is treating our clients and their properties respectfully, providing great value through our high standard for local landscaping design and installation services in Edmond and north Oklahoma City.


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